Visiting in LA

We flew down to LA to visit my Granddaughter (and my son and his wife), and I found time to stroll around his neighborhood with my camera mining images. Here's a few I thought to share:

I love textures... and iPhones....

Headed down to the coast for Memorial Day weekend and stopped at a small roadside cafe with lots of old rusted metal signs, gas pumps and even an old tractor.  While my wife shopped in the adjacent fruit stand, I spent 10 minutes with my iPhone exploring the textures.  Here's a sample.

I just love textures...    

I just love textures... 


Compass Gallery exhibition of my work in Salem Oregon in February.

I'm very pleased and honored to be the featured solo artist for the month of February at the new Compass Gallery in Salem Oregon.  The gallery is in a great location at the Mission Mill museum in downtown Salem.  If you are in the area, stop by to check out the gallery and a lot of my newer work which will be on display the month of February.  I'll be attending a gallery reception for the show Thursday, Feb. 12, from 7-9 pm, and giving a short talk and slide presentation about my work.  Pretty cool.

The Compass Gallery website is :

The Compass Gallery website is :

"A damn fine cup of coffee!" And an image to boot.

Sometimes it's just time to drop everything and head out with your camera with no intended destination.  David (co-owner of Photomorphis) and I decided just to head east.  We happened to stop at the North Bend Twedes cafe made famous in the TV series "Twin Peaks" for a bite of breakfast and a "damn fine cup of coffee" (as Kyle MacLachlan used to say in the show).  I'd noticed a home with an amazing hedge in front of it just a few blocks from the restaurant, so after we finished breakfast we grabbed our cameras and went to check it out.  Here's the result.

The before image..

The before image..

The final image..  "Private Property".

The final image..  "Private Property".

I made a short video of the creation of this image on the Photomorhis blog here:  Private Property Video.

How a Seahawks loss lead to a portrait of my son.

When the Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl last February, my son Patrick made a vow that he wouldn't shave until the Seahawks lost!  Well, a seemingly meaningless loss to Denver in the Seahawks first 2014 preseason game pulled the trigger on a fabulous 6 month old beard.  I managed to talk Patrick out of shaving for a week until I could get him into my small garage studio to do a portrait of him with his full beard, and the subsequent stages of the beard as it slowly disappeared. What a character!

They're everywhere! (Photos to be taken that is)

 On a recent evening this past week I was tempted by the summer sun and the close proximity to a local beach park to close up shop, gather up my wife, dog and a couple of sub sandwiches and motor on down to the water to enjoy a summer picnic.  It's always the case that when you can break away from the routine and venture out that you'll find unexpected visual treasures.  Here's one I brought home from the picnic:

iPhone 4S image processed in onOne Perfect Effects using a modified version of the new "Photomorphis Retroluxe Vintage Preset V1-9" preset we will be releasing soon on our website at

Looking back..

While the tendency is to always be looking forward while shooting or even editing images, looking back can often yield great finds.  I recently stumbled upon this image I set up in my studio long ago and it was like meeting an old friend I'd not seen in a long time.  It was fun to update the image with some digital post to add the background and texture and it reminded me again of the value in the occasional glance back. 


 "Spring time"

A few more images from my Photomorphis Workshop in Astoria

I truly love coming back from a weekend spent shooting and teaching post production to a terrific group of talented photographers and digging into my own personal work gathered in the process.  The whole experience is an inspiration and motivates me to keep moving forward with my work as well as continue to share it with others in meaningful ways.

"Waiting to Launch"