How a Seahawks loss lead to a portrait of my son.

When the Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl last February, my son Patrick made a vow that he wouldn't shave until the Seahawks lost!  Well, a seemingly meaningless loss to Denver in the Seahawks first 2014 preseason game pulled the trigger on a fabulous 6 month old beard.  I managed to talk Patrick out of shaving for a week until I could get him into my small garage studio to do a portrait of him with his full beard, and the subsequent stages of the beard as it slowly disappeared. What a character!

Looking back..

While the tendency is to always be looking forward while shooting or even editing images, looking back can often yield great finds.  I recently stumbled upon this image I set up in my studio long ago and it was like meeting an old friend I'd not seen in a long time.  It was fun to update the image with some digital post to add the background and texture and it reminded me again of the value in the occasional glance back. 


 "Spring time"

A few more images from my Photomorphis Workshop in Astoria

I truly love coming back from a weekend spent shooting and teaching post production to a terrific group of talented photographers and digging into my own personal work gathered in the process.  The whole experience is an inspiration and motivates me to keep moving forward with my work as well as continue to share it with others in meaningful ways.

"Waiting to Launch"